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tax on imported goods
Judicial Review
the authority to review laws and declare them unconstitutional if neccessary
Louisiana Purchase
when America bought Louisiana from Napoleon for $15 millon. this increased the debt for America.
Lewis and Clark Expedition
began in the Spring of 1804. searching for river routes to the western ocean, making contact with the Native Americans, and gathering information about the region's natural resources. they hired a french-canadian fur trapper and his wife Sacajwea, a shoshone indian, as interpreters. they reached the pasific ocean in 1805 and returned in 1806
restriction of trade with other countries
War of 1812
we declare war on England. We lose.
Treaty od Ghent
ends the war of 1812
Monroe Doctrine
warned other nations against any colonization efforts in the Americas in 1823
severe economic downturn in 1819. London demanded that American Debts be paid up. (called a panic back then)
wealth that can be used to produce goods and make money
missouri comprimise
1. slavery would be permitted in Missouri
2. slavery would not be permitted in some of the northern states
Nullification Crisis
SC didn't pay the new tax on imports
indian removal act
1830. Andrew Jackson gave the Indians land in the west in exchange for what was taken from them in the east.
trail of tears
men, women, and children began a 116 day forced march wastward in groups of about 1000