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what are the 5 goals of the FAP
prevention, victim safety and protection, offender accountability, rehabilitative education and counseling, and community accountability/responsiblity for a consistend and appropriate response.
Who is designated as the prinicpal liasison with civilian law enforcement agencies for FAP cases?
what are transitional payments
monthly payments to spouse/children whcih begin when letter of notification for admin sep. board is received by the member or the convening authority takes action on the cour-martial sentence. the payments are dependent upon the servicemember's EAOS. Payments will last no less than 12 months and no longer than 36 months. Payments will terminate if the spuse/children reside with the offender or the spouse remarries.
_____ is the most frequently reported type of family violense in the navy and frequently co-exists with child abuse
spouse abuse
Are FAP providers always required to report incidents of abuse?
no, if the victim comes in voluntarily and there are no current injuries requireing medical attention, and the spouse is responsive, is capable of responding to any renewed threat of abuse, and previous injuries are not major physical abuse.
How many members are on the Case Review Committee (CRC)
No more than eight
At a minimum who shold be permanent members of the CRC?
a line officer (O4 or above who is not the FAO and who lis not senior in the chain of command to any other permanent member of the CRC, a physician, the FAR, a psychologist, psychiatrist, or clinically privileged mental health care provider, and a judge advocate.
How far in advance must the CRC notify the offender before they review his/her case?
7 days before in writing via his/her chain of command
What training must CRC members attend and when?
Must recieve a minimum of 16 hours of FAP focused training on child or spuse abuse, within 6 months of their appointment to the CRC and a minimum of 24 hours of applicable professional training annually.
What does the CRC determine?
1-whether abuse occurred 2-decide the identity of the offender 3-decide what interventions are needed
Cases are classified into three groups
substantiated, unsubstantiated, suspected (pending further investigation-should not exceed 60 days)
what is the child and spouse abuse incident report form number
DD 2486
who will be primary control over the monitoring, evaluation and disposition of the child sexual abuse cases
Unless the member is acquitted of the child sexual abuse charges what will pers-8 direct
Mandatory administrative separation
Prior to the Child Sexual Abuse Reveiw Board (CSARB) review of a case they must notify the offender via his/her COC how long prior to the meeting
30 days
Can CO remove children from their homes without parental consent? if so when
yes but only when there is substantial reason to beieve the liefe and/or health of the child is in real and present danger