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maximum of SGLI to
The member may receive a lump sum payment of up to
50 percent of the SGLI or VGLI coverage or $125,000
Accelerated Benefit Option
Members may decline coverage or request reduced coverage in any increment of
The cost of SGLI for members in this category is
$.80 per year for each $10,000 coverage
is a 5-year renewable term policy which has no cash, loan, paid-up, or extended values.
Veterans' Group Life Insurance
NSLI policy may elect one of the following four settlement options for payment of insurance benefits upon their death
Option 1. Payment In One Lump Sum.
Option 2. Equal Monthly Installments (for a specified
Option 3. Monthly Installments for Life (120 months for certain).
Option 4. Monthly Installments for Life (refund life income).