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define transudate vs exudate
transudate is a serous effusion, low protein and low cell #s
exudate is purulent/suppurative, with lots of protein and WBCs
true hemopericardium is mostly caused by
-ruptured myocardium after MI
-aortic dissection
most pericarditis are acute. list the chronic causes (2). both follow ___
-which one can lead to hypertrophy and dilation?
adhesive mediastino pericarditis and constrictive pericarditis. both follow purulent infection/inflammation
-adhesive mediastino may hypertrophy and dilate; constrictive cannot.
describe telangiectasia
abnormally prominent capillaries on skin, usually face. can be associated with EtOH
list the various Acute pericarditis and their main causes
-serous: autoimmune diseases
-fibrinous: RHD, post-MI Dressler's Syndrome, uremia
-purulent: from infection
-hemorrhagic:malignant neoplasms, bacteria, post surgery
benign BV neoplasms:
capillary hemangioma, cavernous hemangioma and glomus tumors (painful, SMC tumor under nails)
hemangiosarcoma/angiosarcoma is associated with what toxin
polyvinyl chloride, arsenic, thorotrast
kaposi sarcoma can present as
KSHV 8. can be angiogenesis, visible on skin usually
-or can affect lymph nodes and visceral organs
what is a myxoma? where is it usually. what % is familial, and what is this called?
benign heart tumor, usually in LA
10%; Carney syndrome
list the benign neoplasms that occur in the heart
myxoma, lipoma, rhabdomyoma
spider telangiectasis is associated with:
hyperestrogenism (hyperestrinism) caused by pregnancy or liver cirrosis