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she eats
ella come
she is eating
ella está comiendo
she has eaten
ella ha comido
she has been eating
ella ha estado comiendo
she ate
ella comió
she was eating
ella estuvo comiendo
she had eaten
ella había comido
she had been eating
ella había estado comiendo
she will eat
ella comerá
she will be eating
ella estará comiendo
she will have eaten
ella habrá comido
she will have been eating
ella habrá estado comiendo
she would eat
ella comería
she would be eating
ella estaría comiendo
she would have eaten
ella habría comido
she would have been eating
ella habría estado comiendo
I talk
yo hablo
I am talking
yo estoy hablando
I have talked
yo he hablado
I have been talking
yo he estado hablando
I talked
yo hable
I was talking
yo estuve hablando
I had talked
yo había hablado
I had been talking
yo había estado hablando
I will eat
yo hablaré
I will be eating
yo estaré hablando
I will have eaten
yo habré hablado
I will have been eating
yo habré estado hablando
I would eat
yo hablaría
I would be eating
yo estaría hablando
I would have eaten
yo habría hablado
I would have been eating
yo habría estado hablando
they live
ellos viven
they are living
ellos estan viviendo
they have lived
ellos han vivido
they have been living
ellos han estado viviendo
they lived
ellos vivieron
they were living
ellos estuvieron viviendo
they had lived
ellos habían vivido
they had been living
ellos habían estado viviendo
they will live
ellos vivirán
they will be living
ellos estarán viviendo
they will have lived
ellos habrán vivido
they will have been living
ellos habrán estado viviendo
they would live
ellos vivirían
they would be living
ellos estarían viviendo
they would have lived
ellos habrían vivido
they would have been living
ellos habrían estado viviendo
we go
nosotros vamos
we are going
nosotros estamos yendo
we have gone
nosotros hemos ido
we have been going
nosotros hemos estado yendo
we went
nosotros fuimos
we were going
nosotros estuvimos yendo
we had gone
nosotros habíamos ido
we had been going
nosotros habíamos estado yendo
we will go
nosotros iremos
we will be going
nosotros estaremos yendo
we will have gone
nosotros habremos ido
we have been going
nosotros habremos estado yendo
we would go
nosotros iríamos
we would be going
nosotros estariamos yendo
we would have gone
nosotros habriamos ido
we would have been going
nosotros habriamos estado yendo