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electromagnetic radiation
electromagnetic specturm and its parts
radio, infrared, visible, ultraviolet, x-ray, gamma ray
electrons, protons, and neutrons
Parts of an atom
emmision specturm
gives off light occurs at the same frequency
absorption spectrum
absorbs light
blackbody radiation
absorbs all frequencies of light
Room temperature in Kelvin
Doppler effect
the frequency of light can be shifted if the source is moving toward(Blue) or away(Red) from us
Hubble's Law
Farther away a galaxy is the faster it is moving away from us
THe steady State Model
THe model befor the Big Bang Model (thought the universe was in a steady state)
Big Bang
the beginning of the expansion of space
Cosmic Microwave Background
Microwaves who have traveled millions of years ago
Cosmological constant or dark energy
expansion of the universe is excelling!(getting faster)
What observations is Galileo famous for?
4 moons of jupiter, sunspots, phases of venus, mountain on the moons
What is Tycho Brahe famous for?
detailed measurements of stars and planets with out a telescope
What is Johnnes Depler famous for?
3 laws of motion
what is issac newton famous for (the 3 reasons we discussed in class)
1.developed laws of motion and gravity
2.reflection telescope
3.descovered spectrum of light
why were newtons laws of motion and law of gravity so important to astronomers?
measure the solar system(mass of everything)
what did edmund halley observe
halley's comet
what are cassini and huygens (the astronomers) famous for
observaions of saturns rings and moons
what is herschel famous for
discovered uranus, bionary stars, 1st to map our galaxy(milky way)
was is bessel famous for
1st measured distance from a star
What is the relation between the frequency of light and its energy
high frequency > higher the energy
how or why is a spectral emission or absorption line made?
what do astronomers learn from emission or absorption spectra?
what do astronomers learn from a blackbody spectrum
temp of object
what does it mean for an object to have a red or a blue shifted spectrum
away(Red) toward(Blue)
What was different about the discovery of neptune, and who discovered it?
Uranus had something disturbing its rotaion,adams, leber
What was slipher famous for
Most galaxies have a red shift
What was edwin hubble famous for?
law, farther the faster, measuring distance ot another galaxy
since all galaxies are moving away from us, are wwe at the center of the universe?Explain
No. all points are moving away from each other
what are the four reasons why we believe the big bang model
1. red shift
2. cosmic micro
3. Neucleosynthesis
4. large scale structure
what is the current temperature of the universe, and how is it measured
13.7 by ?
what happened during the period of nucleosynthesis during the big bang
it is cool enought for nuclei to stay bound together
what was the universe made of 15 minutes after the big bang
protons and neutrons
why is our sun not a first generation star
stars were bigger, and made of different things
when was the big bang
13.7 billion years ago
what is the difference between the radiation dominance era and the matter dominance era of the universe
more energy is in matter than radiation (universe is matter dominated)
when was the cosmic microwave background made?
379,000 my
when did the first stars form, and what was special about them
300 million years, 100-1000 times our sun
what will happen to the universe in the future
the sun toasts the earth, the universe is very hot