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The functionalism theory of the family
The family fills particular societal needs, including socializing the young, regulating sexual activity and procreation, providing physical care for family memebers...
The symbolic interactionist theory of the family
Emphasized that the meanings people give to their behavior and the behavior of others is the basis of social interaction.
The conflict theory of family
Interprets the family as a system of power relations that reinforces and reflects the inequalities in society
Feminist view of the family
The family is a gendered institution
Causes for the growing # of women households and the problem they face
high rate of pregnancy among unmarried teens

high divorice rate
Greatest change among married couples
The participation of women in the paid labor force
Reasons that couples are waiting longer to marry
Longer life expectancy
Higher educational attainment rates
Define the boomerang generation
single people who remain in their parents' home for longer periods.
Studies of the amount of work women do
women do more and this causes stress and resentment about how little their mate helps around the house and the lack of free time they have.
Country with the most marriages and divorces
The United States
Define schooling
More formal, institutionalized aspects of education
The 3 "R's"
Reading, writing and arithmetic
The functionalist perspective on education
Education brings about socialization, occupational training and social control
Latent and manifest functions of education
Latent - Social control. Kept children off the streets committing crimes
Manifest - Job training
The functionalist theory of educations
Education accomplishes certain consequences, or functions, for a society
The conflict theory of education
Focuses on the competition between groups for power, income and social status
The symbolic interactionist theory of education
Focuses on what arises from the operation of the interaction process during the schooling experience
Relationship between gender, income and education
The connection between income and education is not independent of gender. Gender heavily influences the relationship between income and education.
Define educational deflation
The relative economic advantage of completing college, measured in dollars, has declined.
SAT scores of men vs. women
Women score lower on math than men
Comparable on verbal
Define cognitive ability
The capacity for abstract thinking
3 major criticisms of standardized tests
Only measures limited ranges of abilities
Tend to have cultural bias and gender bias
Predictive validity is not impressive
Test results and social class
Whites score higher
Men score higher and the higher the social class, the higher the test score
Define achievement test
Tests what has already been learned in addition to ability or potential
Define tracking
Separating students by some measure of cognititve ablility
Define the labeling effect
Labeling a student who is in a particular track. These labels usually stick; whether they are right or not
How school districts are primarily funded
Property taxes
Back to basics movement
A return to a traditional curriculum delivered with traditional methods
Define social promotion
passing students from one grade to the next regardless of their performance or grades
The main goal of the multicultural movement
To introduce more courses and educational materials into school curricula on different cultures, subcultures and social groups.
Origin of the nuclear family in western society
Define othermothers
Women who assist bloodmothers by sharing mothering responsibilities
Define extended family
The network of parents, children and other relatives who form a family unit
Characteristics of an egalitarian
Men and women share power equally, are equally values by all societal memebers...
Define polygamy
More than one spouse at one time
Define neolocal
Practice of the new couple establishing their own residence
Define matrilineal kinship
A woman lives with her family after marriage but so does her husband; her husband doesn't give up membership of his group
Define patrilineal kinship
After marriage the woman lives with the man and his kinship; she gives up her prior kinship membership
Bilateral kinship
Discent is traced both through mother and father
Define mescegenation
Refers to the mixing of races through marriage
ymagodne enifeD
Selecting mates within ones group
ymagoxe enifeD
Selecting mates outside ones group
seiteicos nairarga ni nommoc tsom egairram fo mroF
ymogonom enifeD
having one sexually exlusive marriage with one spouse
yrdnaylop enifeD
Women having more than one husband