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Brucellosis diagnosis? (3 pts)
1) Culture of blood or marrow, 2) Serologic titer (but crosslink to tularemia etc.), 3) Occupational history
21 days incubation for blood culture
Brucellosis clinical features?
Nonspecific: fever, chills, myalgia, headache, arthralgia, lymphadenopathy, liver/spleen enlargement.
** Fever is undulating **
Undulating fever also called Malta fever
Brucellosis prevention? (3 pts)
1) Milk pasteurization, 2) B.abortus vaccine for calves, 3) Occupational protection
herd testing also helps
Brucellosis treatment?
Doxycycline plus rifampin for 6 weeks
25% relapse, 1-2% mortality with treatment
Brucella subtypes? (name 4)
B. abortus (cattle), suis (swine), melitenis (goat/sheep), canis (dogs)
Brucella general features? (e.g. Gram, morph)
small pleomorphic Gram-neg rod