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Medulla Oblongata
Vital Centre-controls heart rate and breathing
Name the Brain Stem Structures
Medulla, Pons, Cerebellum
Front of brainstem, above Medulla
facial expression
smooth motor movements
Receives info from Motor Cortex
Makes sure that body parts are in the proper location.
What is the RAS?
Reticular Activating System
Runs through brain stem
Arousing brain from sleep
Monitors Sensory Information
Hans Eysenck believed..
that RAS is involved in the distinction between introversion-extroversion...
have overactive RAS, thus overactive cortex.. introvert thus reduces external stimulation to compensate
underactive RAS, underactive cortex...extrovert increases stimulation to compensate
What structures are above the brain stem?
Thalamus and Hypothalamus
"sensory relay station"
receives sensory information, passes it to cortex
Just in front of and below the thalamus
Hypothalamus regulates
Internal Environment
Fluid balance
Internal Body Temperature
Food intake
Sexual Drive
Hypo-Fluid Balance
a) monitors electrolyte concentration and blood volume
b)makes us thirsty when v= low e= high
c)when thirsty, pituitary gland stimulated for ADH
Hypo-Body Temp
if blood temp = high
then hypo makes us try to cool us down (i.e. sweat)
if blood temp = low
then hypo makes us try to generate heat (i.e. shiver)
Hypo-Food Intake
What two nuclei responsible?
Lateral Nucleus (LN)
Ventromedial nucleus (VMN)
If LN damaged...
rat loses body weight
If VMN damaged...
Hyperphagia results.. overeating
VMN Lesions lead to..
Greater fussiness bout food taste
Greater laziness about working for food
Hypo-Sex Drive
hypothalamus shows female traits, regulates period in women
What is the Limbic system?
a number of interconnected structures deep inside the brain.
All connected to hypothalamus
regulate expression of emotion
Hippocampus- location?
in the temporal lobe, beside and outside thalamus... (Seahorse)
Hippocampus function?
involved in declarative memory
what is procedural memory?
memory for how to perform actions
What is Declarative memory?
memory for knowledge(history, etc.) and for events in our past
Right Hippocampus is for...
visual and spatial memories
Left Hippocampus is for...
non-spatial, mostly verbal memories
Who was H.M. and what did he prove?
He was a medical mistake, had his temporal lobes and hippocampi removed, could only have short term memory... could LEARN new skills, can't remember having learnt them
shaped like a walnut, located at tip of hippocampus
involved in experience and expression of fear and rage, primarily
Damage to Amygdala results in..
inability to recognize or express fear..