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List 2 TCAs.
1. Amitryptyline (Elavil)
2. Imipramine (Tofranil)
moa of TCAs.
inhibits presynaptic reuptake of NTs NE and S

ANTICHOLINERGIC action at the CNS and peripheral receptors
2 indications for TCAs.
1. Depression
2. obstructive sleep apnea
8 side effects of TCAs.
1. sedation
2. anticholinergic effects (dry mouth, blurred vision)
3. confusion (esp elderly)
4. photosensitivity
5. disturbed concentration
6. orthostatic hypotension
7. BM depression
8. urinary retention
How long does it take for a TCA to have a therapeutic response?
1-3 wk
How long does it take for a TCA to have a maximum response?
6-9 wk
When should a pt take a TCA? Why?
daily at night to promote sleep and to decrease side effects during the day
Any special precautions to take when a pt is on a TCA?
yes- orthostatic hypotension precautions
What should you tell the pt in regards to TCA side effect expectations?
the side effects will decrease over time
What should you give a pt who has dry mouth from a TCA?
sugarless lozenges
Should you abruptly stop taking a TCA?
What are the potential consequences of abruptly stopping a TCA? (5)
1. headache
2. vertigo
3. nightmares
4. malaise
5. weight change
What 3 drugs should be avoided in combination w/ TCAs?
1. alcohol
2. sleep-inducing drugs
3. OTC drugs
What environmental factor should a pt on a TCA avoid?
sun exposure - wear sunscreen while on TCAs
What significant side effects are older adults more likely to experience when taking TCAs?
1. anticholinergic side effects
2. sedation effects
What compound do TCAs increase in the brain?
brain amine levels