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Name 4 things all fire streams require?
Pressuring device, hose, agent, nozzle
What are 3 sizes of fire streams?
Low volume (less 40 gpm), Handline (40 - 350 gpm), Masterstream (more than 350 gpm)
Discharge volume is determined by ____ and ____?
Nozzle design and Nozzle pressure
Define Breakover?
Point where forward velocity is lost
Name 3 fog stream patterns?
Straight, Narrow (15-45 degrees), and Wide (45-80 degrees)
What are advantages of Fog Streams?
Adjustable, Aid Ventilation, Maximum Water Surface Exposed
What are disadvantages of Fog Streams?
Less reach and penetration and Susceptible to wind
What are advantages of Solid Streams?
Greater reach and penetration and Less thermal disturbance
What are disadvantages of Solid Streams?
Can't use foam, Less heat absorption, Not adjustible
Name 3 types of nozzle control valves?
Ball, Slide, Rotary
What are the extinguishing properties of foam?
Separates fuel and fire, Cools, Smothers (preventing the release of vapors)
Describe Polar Solvents?
Alcohols, Acetone, Ketones; All of which are attracted to water
Desribe Hydrocarbons?
Petroleum based, Do not mix with water (float); Oil, Gasoline, Benzene, Kerosene