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A diet for the older adult would consist of what?
increased calcium, vitamins, protein, green vegies, fiber low fat complex carbs.
What is polypharmacy and who does it effect.
taking multipal meds and it is common in older people.
when medicating adults what advice for dosing do you use?
start low and go slow...
why when giving meds the elderly do we start low and go slow.
their aging bodies are not metabolizing them like they used to.
older adults are at higher risks for complications of decreased physical mobility because?
pnemonia, skin impairment, contractures, muscle atrophy, constipation,
common health care issues for the older adults are?
saftey, nutrition, medicaiton, exercise,
the diet of an older adult should include what?
protein, fiver green veggies, fluids. Low fat hi complex carbs
What is the goal of rehab
highest level of functioning with realistic goals..
common hazards of rehab
respiratory, muscular skeletal, contractures, atrophy of muscles,
that to look for when doing an eye assessment.
puffy, color, drainage, dryness, vision problems
cataracts cause this change in vision
cloudy, hazy
intra ocular pressure, encourage early testing by age 40
peripheral vision, no straight ahead sight
macular degeneration
changes in with the ear of the older adult include..
hardend wax, longer ears, hairy
assessment for the muscular skeletal include?
gait, rom, posture, equilibrium, movement pain swelling, crepitious