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Tegretol is what type of drug?
anti seizure/mood stabilizer
depakote is what type of drug?
anti-seizure/mood stabilizer
what type of drug is neurontin? and what is special about it?
anti seizure/mood stabilizer used often but no FDA approval
liver toxicity is possible with what?
antipsychotic/moodstabilizers are?
zyprexa, seroquel, risperdal
anxiolytic (benzo) moood stabilizer?
threapeutic range of litium is what?
tricyclic antidepressants include
pamelor, elavil
SSRI's include
prozac, zoloft, paxil, lexapro
SSNRI'S include>
trazodone used for what>?
sedation, significant anticholinergic effect.
wellbutrin is an antidepressant that does what>?
lowers seizure threshold, least sexual dysfunction, little side effects
antidepressant Remeron releases what?
MAO example of this drug is?
nardil, parnate
medications to avoild with mao's are>?
demerol, over counter cold meds that contain epiniphrine
foods to avoid with mao's are>
smoked processed meats, corned beef, liver, soy sauce, msg, aged sheese, rip banannas,
SSRI'S action>?
block reuptake of serotonin
SSNRI'S action?
block both serotonin and norep reuptake
Tricyclic antidepressants action is what?>
blocking reuptake of nore and to a lesser degree serotonin
Rispradol increases what risk
EPS risk
tightness jaw, tongue, neck shoulders, laryngeal spasms are what?
acute dystonia
drooling, tremors at rest, shuffling gait, cog wheel stiffness
pseudoparkinson symptoms
eyes rolling back
muscle weakness
tongue movement, lip smacking, lateral jaw movement, irreversible
tardive dyskinesia
neuroleptic malignant syndrome
fever, increased pulse, sweating bp instability, kead pipe rigidity,
cpk increase increase wbs, systems shutdown
traditional antipsychotics example
atypical antipsychotic that blocks dopamine but limited eps?
weekly or bi weekly web's required, increases seizure risk, use when resistance to other antipsychotics
soloft should be used when?
pm. because of the sedation
First antidepressant used is?
what meds are used for bi polar pts
mood stabilizers
sue of these can induce manic episodes?
steroids, tricyclids, ssri's