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atropine is contraindicated in:
narrow-angle glaucoma, as it can block the canal of Schlemm when eye dilates
differences between atropine and scopolamine?
scopolamine has greater CNS effect, thus it's used against motion sickness
what competitive Muscarinic Antagonist is used against Parkinson's?
what Muscarinic Antagonist is given for COPD/asthma? administration? CNS activity?
Ipratropium. given via inhalation. quaternary amine = doesn't get to CNS
describe Pirenzepine?
selective antagonist for Muscarinic-1-Rs, which reduce GI motility and secretions, particularly reducing gastric acid - peptic ulcers
what cholinergic antagonist can be used for incontinence/ hyperactive bladder?
Tolterodine. selective antagonist for M-3-Rs
atropine is not good for dilating pupils as it lasts too long. what is a good alternative?
Tropicamide. effect is over after about 6 hours
two nicotinic ganglionic antagonists
hexamethonium and trimethaphan
how does curare (tubocurarine) work?
nicotinic NMJ inhibitor, non-depolarizing
describe the difference of giving AChE-Inhibitor after Curare and after Succinylcholine treatment
after curare - will reverse curare's effect, restore muscle activity
after succinylcholine - will increase paralysis
dif between curare/succinylcholine in their indications?
curare is longer acting, thus can be used during surgery to relax sk. mm.
succinylcholine is rapid to act and rapid to degrade, and can be used in ER to aid in intubation
compare and contrast hyperthermia as induced by atropine and succinylcholine
atropine - due to lack of sweat glands
succinylcholine - related to hyperactive muscles
which nicotinic antagonists reach CNS?
NONE. all have quaternary amine
a person who was given succinylcholine in surgery has prolonged apnea. reason?
they may have very low [plasma cholinesterases]
farm worker presents with very low HR and BP. Rx:?
probably has AChE-Inhibitor poisoning. give atropine, maybe also 2PAM