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What are some of the major differences of Pluto?
It is shaped differently
It consists of different things
It was the only planet located in the Kuiper belt
When can we determine an object's mass in space?
If we can observe its gravitational effect on another object
Pluto's moon
What is significant about the size of Charon?
Because it is so large Scientists believe it was formed by a large comet crashing into Pluto. The comet blasted away Pluto's outer layers and they flew into its orbit and reformed into Charon.
How long ago was the extinction of dinosaurs?
65 million years ago
Where was the collision which caused the extinction of dinosaurs?
In Mexico
What is some proof of an asteroid or comet collision on Earth?
-High abundances of metals not usually found on Earth
-"Shocked quartz" which indicates a high-pressure collission
-Spherical rock droplets which are formed when molten rock cools and solidifies
-Soot that appears to hve been produced by forest fires