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Lesson: Geography Matters
Maxim: Everything Takes Place Somewhere
Lesson: Connections Matter; Isolation is an Illusion
Maxim: Everything and Everybody is Connected to Everything and Everybody Else
Lesson: Proximity Matters
Maxim: Nearby Things are More Alike than Distant Things
Lesson: Differences are Not Easily Resolved
Maxim: Transitions are Often Unruly
Lesson: The Environment Matters
Maxim: Resources are Desired
Lesson: Situation Matters; Different Places Face Similar Challenges, and Similar Places Face Different Challenges
Maxim: Location Provides Benefits and Burdens
Lesson: History Matters
Maxim: Change Happens
Lesson: Geographic Patterns of Change are Complex
Maxim: Different Things Change at Different Rates
Lesson: Culture Matters but May Mislead
Maxim: Conviction is a Necessary but Overvalued State of Mind
Lesson: Understanding Requires Flexible Thinking
Maxim: Categories are Artificial and Mutable
Lesson: Scale Matters
Maxim: Things Look Different Close Up
Lesson: Think of the world as Layers, Linkages, Beliefs, and Patterns of Change
Maxim: None of the Maxims Function Alone