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What is Gerotas Fascia?
A fiberous sheath that encloses the kidney, perinephric fat, and adrenal gland
NOT the true capsule-it's like Saran Wrap on top of everything
Normal measurements: adult kidney
2.5-4 cm depth
4-6 cm diameter
Normal measurements: neonatal kidney
3-3.5 cm
1.5-2.5 cm depth
2-3 cm diameter
Measurement of the distended bladder wall:
Male Urethra measurement
20cm long
Female Urethre measurement
3.5-4 cm
Two stages that appear in the 4-5th weeks of gestatation
Pronephros then Mesonneophros
Stage that occurs at end of 5th week. Comprised of mesodermal tissue, not functional until the end of the 8th week. Kidneys start in the pelvis and descend into the abdomen.
What does the parenchyma consist of?
Renal cortex and medulla
What is the renal cortex?
The outer area that contains the renal corpuscle and convuluted tubules of the nephron
What is the medulla?
The inner portion of the parenchyma which contains the loops of Henle
What are the columns of Bertin?
Bands of cortical tissue that seperate the medullary pyramids
What is the renal lobe?
A single pyramid bordered on both sides by the interlobar arteries and veins, with cortical tissue at its base.
What is the renal sinus?
The central portion of the kidney. Contains the collecting system, composed of the minor and major calyces and the renal pelvis
4 layers of the urinary bladder
mucosa, submucosa, muscularis, and outer serosa
What does the nephron consist of?
A functional unit. Consists of the renal corpuscula, proximal convulted tubule, descending and ascending limbs of henle's loop, distal convulted tubule and collecting tubule
What does the renal corpuscle consist of?
(Malphigian body)
Consists of glomerulus and glomerular capsule (Bowman's capsule)
Blood flow through the kidney-outside to w/in
Renal Artery
Interlobar Arteries
Arcuate Artereries
Interlobular Arteries
Afferent Arterioles
Efferent Arterioles
Where is the proximal part of a vessel determined from?
It's origin
Where is the proximal renal artery? Distal?
At the aorta, distal is at the kidney
Where is the proximal renal vein? Distal?
At the kidney, distal is at the aorta
Hyper to hypo
Renal sinus, pancreas, liver, spleen, renal parenchyma

Renal sinus, pyramids, renal cortex