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On all types of cells when Epi/Nor Epi bind to the receptors, what happens?
It cause the Ca++ gates to open
Can Epi/Nor Epi cause muscle contractions? explain
yes by opening the Ca++ gates
what is the defin. of blood pressure?
the force of the blood excerted against the walls of the arteries (only)
which has more smooth muscle, an artery or a vein?
If you touch an artery will it collapes? explain
No, it has alot of smooth muscle around it making it stiff
what happens when Epi/Nor Epi bind to the cells of arteries?
The luman gets smaller causing vasoconstriction.
what happens when Epi/Nor Epr bind to the cells on veins?
The luman doesn't change much
what happend when the pressure is increased in a vein?
the walls will ballon out and the pressure will go back down.
What kind of vessel is a vein known as?
a compliance vessel
which as valves in the them? a vein or an artery?
why is their valves in veins?
to help to get blood back to the heart.
how does the veins get the blood back to the heart?
the muscle pushes on the vein and it pushes the blood through the valves
what is the skeltal muscle know for with regards to blood pressure?
The musclular system in cresase venous return
what are the ways that increase venous return?
excersize, muscle twiches, range of motions, squeeze down on heart, smooth muscle in the gut.
capitaries are made out of what?
a single cells thick simple sqamous epth.
At any one time what is the % of capularies open?
10 %
what does it mean when only 10% of capularies are open?
that only 10% of you body is getting oxygen and nurtrance
when is the only time that a signficate amout of capularies are open?
during excerzing.
what are the Perimeters that control blood pressure?
herat rate, peripheral resistance, blood viscosity, blood volume, stroke volume
when smooth muscle is clamped down or squeeze on and it contracts, what is this called?
myogenic control
what is Frank Straling Law
stretch the muscle to align the actin and myosin better to give a greater force of contraction
cardiac output= heart rate x stroke volume
stroke volume = end diastolic vol - end stolic
blood pressure = cardiac output x peripheral resistance
where is the hormone erythropoietin released from?
the kidneys
erythropoietin stimulates what? why?
red bone marrow to increase erythropoiesis.
what are the specialize nerves that detect changes in blood pressure?
where are barorecptors found?
carotid arteries, aortic arch and kindneys
where do the barorecetors send information to?
the hypothalamus,
what is the sympathic nerve system job, with regards to blood pressure?
to regulate all five of the Perimeters of blood pressure
what can sence the changes in O2 content? where are they located?
baroreceptors only found in the kidneys
what are the two things that stimulating barorecptoers will do?
stimulaus from Symphathic nerve system. also they directly stimulate the kidney
when the sympathic NS and barorecptors stimulate the kidney, what does this do?
release the hormone erythropoietin
what does erythropoiesis mean?
production of RBC
when their is an increase of erythropiesis, what does this cause?
an increase in blood viscosity
how does increase blood cells cause blood pressure to go up?
increase in peripherial resistance causing an increase in blood pressure
How long does blood viscosity take?
two weeks
what is a way to increase blood viscosity?
living above 6000 feet, O2 containt is lower, it cause the heart to work harder.
End diastolic volume is what?
the volume of blood in the ventrical after it has filled and the valve is shut.
End stolic volume is what?
the volume of blood left in the ventrical after the heart contracted.
what is stroke volume?
how many ml of blood squeezed out after one heart beat.
what is the unit on stroke volume?
ml per beat
how do you change stroke volume?
decrease end stolic volume
increase end diastolic volume or do both.
what does it mean to increase end diastole volume?
to fill the ventrical up more then normal.
how do you fill a ventrical up?
contraction of muscles causing venous return
How do you increase venous return in a person that was in an accident?
deep breathing
what part of the brain stimulates breathing?
the Medulla oblongata
what does the Medulla oblongata stimutate?
the Phrenic nerve
What is the phrenic nerve's job?
it causes the chest muscles to move.
what happens when the Medulla oblongta and phrenic nerves route is taken?
the Rate and deapth of respiration increases increases venous return.
cardiac output is write how?
ml per/min
what is the Frank Starling law?
actin and myosin are not alinged, if you strech the muscle to align the actin and myosin for a greater force of contraction