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Acetylcholine (ACh)
Learning, memory, muscle action -is at every junction between a motor neuron & skeletal muscle- Alzheimers-ACh is diminishing, Black widow (too much), Botulism (blocks)-found in hippocampus critical for memory
Dopamine (DA)
Emotion, movement, learning, attention- Schizophrenia (sensitive receptors/more receptors), Parkinson's (low) sensitive)
Serotonin (5HT?)
Mood, hunger, sleep, arousal- Depression (too little)
Alertness, arousal- Depression(too little)
Gamma-aminobutyric acid (GAMA)
inhibitory of neurons- Seizures, tremors, insomnia, anxiety (too little)-found throughout nervous system
Glutamate (found in MSG)
excitor of neuron, memory- Migraines, seizures (too much)
Endorhpines (morphine within)
released in response to pain & exercise- decreases pain & increases pleasure
Excite (unlock or block re-uptake)-eg. ACh in black widow bite causes convultions & violent muscle contractions or Morphine
Inhibit (block release or effect)- eg. Botulism/Botox blocks ACh release or acceptance resulting in paralysis as does Curare