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hyperechoic to hypoechoic structures
renal sinus-pancreas-liver-spleen-renal cortex
What is Glisson's capsule?
A thin connective tissue layer that covers the liver. It surrounds the entire liver and is thickest around the porta hepatis
Peritoneal folds that contain the porta hepatis, the proper hepatic artery, and the common bile duct
Hepatoduodenal Ligament
Connects the umbilical vein to teh liver during fetal development
Falciform Ligament
Formed by the right layer of the falciform ligament
Coronary Ligament
Formed by the left layer of the falciform ligament
Left Triangular Ligament
The most lateral portion of the coronary ligament
Right Triangular Ligament
The terminal branches of the portal vein and their accompanying hepatic arterioles and bile ducts
Reidel's Lobe
tongue like extension from inferior tip of the right lobe
-found in asthenic women
Diffuse Hepatocellular Disease
Any disease that interferes with liver function and hepatocytes
Diffuse Fatty infiltration
Accumulation of triglycerides in the hepatocytes
-acquired, reversible
-Obesity, alcohol, malnutrition
-Hyperechoic liver
Focal Fatty Infiltration
Regions of fat (hyperechoic)in a normal liver
Focal Fatty Sparing
Islands of normal looking hyperechoic masses within a dense fatty liver
Acute Hepatitis
Less than 3 months, hypoechoic w/ bright portal walls "starry night"
-enlarged liver and spleen
-thick gallbladder walls
Chronic Hepatitis
3-6 months
Viral, metabolic, autoimmune, drugs
Hyperechoic liver, can't see portals
Lab values for acute and chronic hepatitis
Increased ALT, AST, bilirubin
Decreased leukocytes
Chronic and progressive disease w/ liver cell failure
Alcohol, malnutrition, hepatitis
Malaise, weight loss, jaundice, portal hypertension, ascites
Lab values for cirrhosis
Increased ALT, AST, alkaline phosphates, direct bilirubin
Decreased leukocytes
Glycogen Storage Disease
Von Gierkes-most commmon
Large amounts of glycogen are deposited in the liver and kidneys
Looks like DFF, hyperechoic
High iron deposits
Can lead to portal hypertension and cirrhosis
Enlarged liver
Diaphragmatic Slips
Invaginations of the dome of the diaphragm that are a cause of pseudomasses on US
-scan in long and trans
True Accessory Fissures
Uncommon, caused by infolding of the peritoneum
Surgical portosystemic shunts
used to decompress the portal system in pts with portal hypertension
TIPS (transjugular intrahepatic portosystemic shunts)
Shunt decompresses the portal system and allows the blood flow to be re-routed
Eliminates collaterals
TIPS may be compromised if:
Velocity less than 50 cm/sec
Velocity change of 50 cm/sec up or down from baseline
LPV and RPV show hepatopedal flow
MPV shows hepatofugal flow
Hepatopedal flow
towards the liver
Hepatofugal flow
away from the liver