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Chronic Granulamatous Disease
Tumor growth from macrophages that are unable to destroy foreign bodies and some macrophages
Some calcifications in the liver and spleen
Caused by histoplasmosis or TB
Pyogenic Abscess
(bacterial) pus forming abscess that can spread from any infectious disease of the abdomen.
Complex, echogenic mass w/ reverberation or cystic w/ enhancement
50-67% multiple
fever, increased WBC
(fungal) caused by candida
usually in immunocompromised hosts (AIDS, chemo, transplant pts)
Can affect any organ-usually liver, brain, kidneys, heart
Percutaneous liver aspiration w/ candida
Amebic Abscess
(parasitic) caused by entamoeba histolytica
Usually in colon, extends to liver, lungs and brain
Eating cysts in food/water
Outside US
Round, hypoechoic lesion near liver capsule
Echinococcus (hydatid cyst)
Tape worm is the most common cause-developing countries-dogs primarily
Casoni test for dx
Simple cyst, daughter cyst, detached endycyst, cyst calcifies
occlusion of the portal veins due to a worm (cercaria)
Causes portal hypertension, splenomegaly, varicies, ascites
#1 reason worldwide for portal hypertension
Prevalent in Africa, Asia, Arabia, South America
Pneumocystic Carinii
Most common opportunistic organism causing infection in AIDS pts
Focal to diffuse echogenic foci in the liver
Simple Hepatic Cysts
More common in females, idiopathic, incidental
Can hemorrhage
Congenital Liver Cysts
Abnormality of bile ducts-balloons out focally
Usually solitary
Can be up to 20cm
Polycystic Liver Disease
Affects 1 in 500
60% have polycystic renal disease
Mult. or single anechoic cysts with enhancement
Negative lab values
Normal WBC