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to help or incite someone, especially in wrongdoing
abe lincoln

It is a violation of the law to aid and abet a criminal.
a bottomless pit, profound depths, a gulf too deep to be measured
After the death of his best friend, Alfred Lord Tennyson fell into an abyss of dispair.
to stick fast, to cling
You could tell he had a dog by the animal hairs adhering to his sleeve.
an accumulation of things into a whole or mass

The Washington theatre audience was an aggregation of government people from department secretaries to Cabinet members
to mix, to unite, combine, consolidate
Many trade unions, originally separate, have amalgamated to form large, industry-wide organizations
unmoved, indifferent, showing no emotion
The patient was apathetic about the nurse's efforts to get him interested in his surroundings.

(pronounced BA)
sculpture in which the figures project slightly from the background
Some of the most intricate and beautiful bas-relief in the world is found in the Parthenon in Greece.
frankness, impartiality, being open-minded or fair
candid camera shows your true colors

The candidate's sincerity and candor in answering questions about himself made a very good impression on the reporters.
to fuse, blend, grow together

Glaze applied to pottery coalesces under great heat to form a permanent bond with the clay.
adequate, deserved, especially regarding punishment
His not being allowed out of the house for a month is hardly condign punishment for such a small wrongdoing.
to enfeeble, to weaken
It is not only the infirmities of age but also poor diet that debilitates old people.
to scatter seed, to sow, spread widely
Missionaries have disseminated the principles of Christianity all over the world.
coercion, compulsion, imprisonment
Confessions made under duress have no validity in court.
an agent sent on a mission, especially a secret mission
emitto; mission

The general sent an emissary to the leader of the enemy troops to arrange a cease-fire.
short-lived, transitory
The college football player's popularity was ephemeral; only a few months after he graduated no one recognized his name.
understood by only a few, confidential, private
The esoteric rites were known only to those who had already joined the secret society.
to free of guilt, absolve (originally to relieve or unload a burden)
The judge exonerated the driver of blame for the accident after a witness testified that the child had run in front of the car.
one more interested in others or outside things than in himself, an outgoing person
Most people are neither introverts nor extroverts - but a mixture of the shy and outgoing.
to make believe, to invent or imagine something (originally to form or shape)
He wasn't really angry with his girlfriend but he feigned annoyance just to tease her.
ornate, showy (originally a kind of architecture with flamelike tracings)
The gown was too flamboyant to be worn anywhere but on the stage.
unruly, rebellious, irritable
Young children may become fractious if they don't nap during the day.
a type or kind, especially said of art or literature
One of the earliest forms of the novel as a literary genre is Cervantes' Don Quixote.
stale, commonplace, trite
Good writers avoid hackneyed phrases such as "raven-black hair" or "pearly teeth."
a system of grading priests in church government, any group of persons or things arranged in rank according to importance.
In the American police hierarchy, a captain ranks below an inspector.