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(2nd Punic War)
216 - Hannibal seizes Cannae
Romans attack and lose terribly = lose 50,000 soldiers
*Rome's Darkest Hour*
(3rd Punic War)
King of Numidia - allied to Rome
because Carthage could not declare war w/o Rome's consent according to their peace treaty, Masinissa raided Carthage
=Carthage builds up army to defend themselves
Cato the Elder
(3rd Punic War)
ended every speech the same way:
"By the way, Carthage must be destroyed."
=Rome puts together an army having seen that Carthage has built up their army
Scipio Aemilianus
(3rd Punic War)
commander of new Roman army
having taken seige for 3 years, takes Carthage (everything and everyone in it) and then burns the city to the ground
(Pyrrhic Wars)
viewed himself as successor to Alexander the Great
-saw Rome as a way to reach Alexander's destiny = conquer it
(1st Punic War)
what Rome and Carthage are fighting for
-has no alliances
(1st Punic War)
naval design that gave Romans advantage over Carthage
-means raven
-bridge w/ hook that can be dropped on ship laterally
=1 on 1 combat
(1st Punic War)
captured by Carthage (Xanthipus)
-returns to Rome as Carthaginian to negotiate peace w/ Rome
-tells Senate to not listen to Carthage
-returns to Carthage and is executed
Hamilcar Barca
(1st Punic War)
Carthaginian general
-Rome realizes his strength and builds 200 more ships
=Rome defeats him and ends 1st Punic War
(2nd Punic War)
city allied w/ Rome
-attacked by Carthage
-as a result, Rome must fight Carthage to keep its reputation
(2nd Punic War)
main area of contest between Rome and Carthage
Lake Trasimene
(2nd Punic War)
Roman consul Flamminius hears that Hannibal is burning everything in his path = attacks
-Carthaginians acts as though retreating into mountains
-surround Romans (trick) = huge defeat
Quintus Fabius Maximus Cunctator
(2nd Punic War)
appointed dictator after loss at Lake Trasimene
-strategy is not to fight, but to chase Hannibal around Italy
=earns the nickname Cunctator, or Delayer, for this strategy
-allowed Rome to stall and take time to regain strength
(2nd Punic War)
old enemy of Hannibal's father
-led dissent against giving Hannibal more supplies
-ultimately leads to the defeat of Carthage
= when Rome cuts of supply line to Hannibal, he is nearly out of supplies
(2nd Punic War)
city SW of Carthage
Hannibal and Scipio meet to try and avoid conflicts, but Hannibal does not agree to Scipio's terms
*Rome wins at Zama
-the only Roman victory
-Hannibal won all others
(2nd Punic War)
river that was boundary between Carthaginian Spain and Roman Spain
(Saguntum was in Carthaginian territory but was Roman ally)
Hamilcar Barca
(1st and 2nd Punic Wars)
Carthaginian general
=loses final battle of 1st Punic War to Rome
-his death led to the rise of Hannibal in the 2nd Punic War
(2nd Punic War)
Carthaginian general
attacked Italy - most difficult way to attack is the least expected
-wins every battle but the last
(2nd Punic War)
Hannibal left him in charge of Spain when he went to attack Italy
-brother of Hannibal
Publius Cornelius Scipio Africanus
(2nd Punic War)
takes charge of Rome's army
-beats Hastrubal and claims victory in Spain
-first attacks Carthage itself
-defeats Hannibal at Zama
(Pyrrhic War)
colony in Magna Graecia
(1st Punic War)
Carthage was a colony founded by the Phoenician capital city of Tyre
What happened to Hannibal after Zama?
he escapes after Zama, but is allowed to return to Carthage to help rebuild the city
-Rome demanded he come to Rome as a hostage
-Hannibal escapes and Rome chases him
-eventually poisons himself
Publius Clodius Pulcher
(1st Punic War)
went to fight Battle of Depranum
-brought chickens
-worst Roman naval defeat of the war
Magna Graecia
(Pyrrhic Wars)
Greek city-states developed colonies
-came into conflict w/ Rome
(Pyrrhic Wars)
-Pyrrhus was the king of Epirus