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How do the devices in a computer communicate with the CPU?
By being installed directly on the system board, linked to it by a cable connected to a port on the system board, or indirectly linked to it by expansion cards.
What is the most important component of the computer's electrical system?
The power supply
Volatile Memory
Needs a continuous supply of electrial power to hold data or software stored in them. RAM is volatile memory.
What are capacitors used for?
To smooth out the uneven flow of electricity through a circuit.
Nonvolative Memory
Memory that holds data permanently. ROM chips are nonvolatile memory
An electronic device that can serve as a gate for an electrical signal; can amplify the flow of electricity; basic building block of an integrated circuit that is used to build a microchip.
What major components are found on the system board?
The CPU, chip set, RAM, Cache memory, buses, expansion slots, Flash BIOS, CMOS chip, and electrical system.
What are some of the features of the ATX board?
Developed by Intel for Pentium systems, has a power-on switch that can be software enabled, uses a single P1 power connection.
What are the basic electrical components in a PC?
Transistors, Capacitors, Diodes, and Resistors.
What are some of the features of the Baby AT board?
Smaller verison of AT, uses P8 and P9 power connections, measures 33cm x 22cm.
What are some features of the AT systems board?
Oldest type of board still commonly used today, uses P8 and P9 power connections, and measures 30.5cm X 33cm
an electronic device that can hold an electrical charge for a period of time.
What are the two most popular system boards?
The AT and the ATX.
How does electricity travels over the system board?
On buses, each bus has wires or lines designated to carry voltage.
What is the System board?
The largest and most important circuit board inside the computer that houses the CPU.
semiconductor device that allows electricity to flow in only one direction.
RAM (Random Access Memory)
Provides primary storage.
An electronic device that limits that amount of current that can flow throught it.
Power Supply
Converts electricity and reduces it to a voltage that the computer can handle.
Primary Storage
Temporary storage that the CPU uses; much faster than permanent storage; Temporarily hold both data and instructions while it is processing them.