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de curind ,in ultima vreme
Ana nu ne-a vizitat in ultima vreme.

Prezent perfect( ultima vreme,recent)
An has not visit us lately.
S-a oprit ploaia?
Has the rain stopped?
I s-a implinit visul .
a devenit real
His dreams has come true.
Ai o bricheta ?
Have you got a light_er?
In ultimul timp
nu avem vesti de la ea .

presnt perfect lately
We have not heard from her LATELY.
Ai citit ziarele azi dimineata?

this morning- present perfect
Have you read the papers this morning

Am citit cartea.

present pefect,read,read,read
actiunea din trecut nu e localizata,ne intereseaza doar actiunea d'aia nu folosim past tense
I have read the book .
Ne-am cunoscut(deja inainte).

present pefect- nu momentul ne intereseaza ci actiunea d-aia present perfect.Precisind yesterday de ex foloseam past tense
We have met (before,already la afirmativ?)
In ultima vreme
nu l-am prea vazut (mult).

present perfect, OF
lately,of late,recently,in recent times,past few days/weeks,just
I have not seen(much)OF him lately

see saw seen
A plouat.
It has rained.
Unde ai fost pina acum?

present perfect
up to now-pina acum-
hitherto-till now
have you been ,up to now?

be, was/where ,been
Unde l-ai intilnit ?
Where have you met him?