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What is an infant?
a child between 19-24 months of age
What are newborns capable of?
grasping, rooting, sucking, stepping, hearing is developed before birth and sight must develop. They are born and prepared to learn
Habituation procedure
infants are reapeatedly presented with a stimulus until the response declines. This decline in response is called dishabituation
examples of Operant conditioning
reward/reinforcement- mothers voice comes on when they suck at the right time
How do babies use their eyes and hands to explore?
reaching, grasping, then touching with mouth and hands
Social cues and exploring
babies will track other people's eyes and refer to others to see what is interesting
social refrencing
when babies behave according to the emotional expression of others (12m)
Infants and the laws of physics
the infants show surprise at an imposible event such as a car going through a box (3 1/2 months youngest tested)
presented with slides on two diffrent screens while a central spreaker plays drum beats. They look longer at the screen with the same number of objects as booms
can babies add?
at six months a baby could realize when another object appears that was not there before and when one object is taken away
Piaget's experiments for object permenance
hiding task- at five months they will not look for toy but at 6 to nine they will
changed-hiding place task- (10-12)
invisable displacement task-hides toy in hand then in cup (14)