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the basic building blocks of a language. They are the perceptual units of speech. Initially children can pernounce 200 at babbling stage each lang only uses about 1/4
they are the smallest unit of language that carries a meanining. Content (strange, do, teach) Function (ly,er, ing)
the grammer of phonemes
the grammer of morphemes
is the term for the organizing og words into meaningful phrases and sentences
perscriptive vs descriptive
perscriptive rules are those we have drilled into us and descriptive rules unconcious principles
when do the children loose the ability to hear all phonemes
between 6 and 12 months
Language Aquisition Device
innate mechinism for learning
Ohio family
proved that if children are not exposed to language they would create one of their own
the critical- period hypothesis
suggests that there is a critical period or space of time whithin a developing individual in which it is particualarly sensitive to a particualar experiance
the use of parentese
suggests that caregivers seem to be biologically prepared to interact with infants in a way that makes it easier for the babies to learn language