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Main branches of the brachial artery (besides ulnar/radial artery)?
Deep brachial artery, superior and inferior ulnar collateral
Branches of the deep brachial?
Middle & Radial collateral - above elbow
branch of radial artery and its path?
radial recurrent that goes up to connect with radial collateral
early branches of ulnar artery and their path?
anterior/posterior ulnar interosseous recurrent arteries;
anterior recurrent unites with inferior collateral

posterior recurrent joins with superior collateral
branch of ulnar artery?
common interosseous artery - 2 branches anterior & posterior
Articulate parts of humerus?
capitulum for radius and trochlea for ulna
location & purpose of radial and coronoid fossa?
above capitulum and trochlea; prevent soft tissue from being compressed in flexion
where do biceps insert?
radial tuberosity
where does the brachialis insert?
location/purpose of olecranon fossa?
dorsal lower side of humerus; prevents soft tissue from compressing during extension
thickness of ulna/radius at heads?
ulna - thick at elbow (proximal)
radius - thick at wrist (distal)
what happens in pronation?
radius crosses over ulna
4 proximal row of carpels?
4 carpels in distal row?
what carpal bones ossify in the first year of life?
capitate & hamate
when does pisiform ossify?
around 12 years
what surrounds the muscle of the forearm?
antebrachial fascia
palmar carpal ligament?
thickening of antebrachial fascia just above the wrist
flexor retinaculum?
completes the carpal tunnel; laterally attached to scaphoid/trapezium and medially to pisiform/hamate
palmar aponeurosis?
thick fascia in palm; continuous of palmaris longus
Origin of pronator terres?
1) medial epicondyle of humerus
2) coronoid tubercle of ulna
insertion of pronator teres?
mid-shaft of radius
innervation of pronator teres?
median nerve
structure posterior to pronator teres?
ulnar artery
relationship of median nerve to pronator teres?
goes between 2 heads
path of flexor carpi radialis tendon?
crosses wrist but doesn't go through carpel tunnel (goes through split in flexor retinaculum)
insertion/innervation of flexor carpi radialis?
2nd and 3rd metacarpal
median nerve
path of palmaris longus?
crosses wrist but doesn't go through carpel tunnel;
insertion/innervation of palmaris longus?
flexor retinaculum and palmar aponeurosis; median nerve
origin of flexor carpi ulnaris?
1) medial epicondyle of humerus
2) posterior side of ulna
what is in between 2 heads of flexor carpi ulnaris?
ulnar nerve
insertion/innervation of flexor carpi ulnaris?
pisiform; ulnar nerve
muscles in 1st layer of wrist?
pronator teres
flexor carpi radialis
palmaris longus
flexor carpi ulnaris
muscles in 2nd layer?
flexor superficialis digitorum
origin of flexor digitorum superficialis?
1) medial epicondyl of humerus
2) radius
insertion of flexor digitorum superficialis?
middle phalanges of 4 fingers
path of 4 tendons of digitorum superficialis?
4 tendons pass through carpel tunnel in a 2x2 structure
innervation of digitorum superficialis?
median nerve
muscles of 3rd layer of wrist?
flexor digitorum profundi
flexor pollicis longus
origin/insertion/innervation of pollicis longus?
from anterior surface of radius to distal phalange of thumb

innervation: anterior interocceous nerve
path of flexor pollicis longus tendon?
goes through carpel tunnel
origin of flexor digitorum profundus?
posterior/medial surface of ulna
insertion of flexor digitorum profundus?
distal phalanges of four fingers
innervation of flexor digitorum profundus?
median and ulnar nerves
path of flexor digitorum profundus?
pass through carpel tunnel in flat arrangement
origin/insertion and innervation of pronator quadratus?
origin: ulna
insertion: radius
innervation: anterior interoccesus
passage of ulnar nerve and artery across wrist?
both: superficial to the carpel tunnel

medial to lateral order:
pisiform bone, ulnar nerve, ulnar artery
tendons going through carpel tunnel?
4 digitorum superficialis
4 digitorum profundi
1 pollicis longus
where does the anterior interoccesus artery stop?
when it gets to the pronator quadratus
what nerve goes through carpel tunnel?
median nerve