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what president in what year changed the years for an immigrant to become a citizen from 14 years to 5 years
Jefferson in 1802
Jefferson had reduced the milita/navy which caused problems since the Pirates of the North Barbary States were looting American ships. What did we do?
The pirates indirectly declared war on us. Thus, Jefferson sent the navy to Tripoli to fight for 5 yrs until there was a peace treaty in 1805 for 60,000
In 1802 Spain w/drawed the right to deposit guaranteed by the treaty of 1795. What does Jefferson do to solve this problem?
Jefferson sends James monroe& Robert R. Livingston to France to buy New Orleans and as much land East of it for a total of 10 million. Instead Napoleon offered New O.& land west of it for 15 million.
Land is very valuable so why would Napoleon want to sell Louisiana?
he needed money and his only use for Louisiana was killed when he could not take over Haiti due to a rebellion led by toussiant L Ouverture, where many died due to yellow fever
what battle made Britain dominant over the sea
the battle of Trafalgar
what battle made France dominant over the land
The Battle of Austerlitz
Orders in council
This was passed in 1806 and closed ports under French continental control of foreign shipping unless ships stopped at Britain first.
This hurt American trade
what act forbade the export of all goods from the US
The Embargo act of 1807
which act kept the US from trading w/Fr& Britain (however, trade w/other nations was allowed).
Th non-intercourse act of 1809
The Macon bill no. 2 was related to internal improvements
False: The Macon bill permitted Americans to trade with the world. It promised restoration of trade w/whomever, Br/Fr, removed their commercial restictions. In 1810 napoleon announced that the restrictions had been lifted.
what made William Henry Harrison famous?
He destroyed Tecumseh's headquarters at Tippecanoe at a time when whites hated indians and Tecumseh was motivating the Indians to regain lost customs and not cede land to whites.
what happened at the Battle of the Thames
Tecumseh was killed in 1813. his headquarters were attacked in 1811 at the battle of Tippecanoe
In 1814 there was a battle that destroyed the evil robots that were trying to take over the world
False: In 1814 there was the Battle of the Horseshoe Bend where Jackson crushed the Creek Indians