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With support of women & peasant class
The communists were able to triumph over the Nationalists.
To rebuild the Chinese economy
Mao nationalized all businesses
Under China’s constitution women are...
Women were considered equal under the law.
The Great Leap forward
Was Mao’s effort to increase farm and industrial output.
Were collections of farms that had to meet production quotas set by the government
Cultural Revolution
Was a movement designed to purge China of counterrevolutionaries.
The Little Red Book
Was a book of Mao Zedong’s sayings heralded by the Red Guard
The Korean War
Worsened relations between the US and China.
The main issue that China and the Soviets disagreed on
Had to do with relations with the US
The Four Modernizations
Were Deng Xiaoping's program to emphasize agriculture, industry, science, and defense.