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group of ppl who followed the army around and rounded up the Jews
trials that pursectued the Nazi leaders of the Holocaust
Nuremberg Trials
worst death camp, killed the most peopl
worst killing by the Einsatzgruppen
Babi Yar
place where Jews were sent after liberation until a place was found for them to live
Displaced Persons Camp
the German's term for the elimination of the Jews
Final Solution
called by Heydrich to get cooperation of camps to say he's in charge
Wannsee Conference
term used to describe the Nazi program to anihilate the entire Jewish pop. in Europe
first concentration camp
night of broken glass...when the german's came and burned all of the Jewish businesses and synogagues and sent all the Jews to Ghettos
aimed at driving the Jews out
Nuremberg Laws
head of final solution
Reinhard Heydrich
first death camp, opened in 1941
est. May 7
Lodz Ghetto
term that meant u were going to die
worst ghetto Est. Nov. 15, last ghetto to get closed
Warsaw Ghetto
camp wehre you worked until you died
Concentration Camp
Jews can't be citizens, couldn't vote, or hold office
Reich Citizenship Law
Told Hess Auschwitz was a death camp
Henrich Himmler