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put down percentage of stock
Buying on Margin
wrote: How to Win Friends and Influence People (book)
Dale Carnegie
president that helped America out of the Depression
Franklin Roosevelt
President during the depression, not very compassionate
Herbert Hoover
9 African American teenagers were accused of raping 2 white women on a train...eventually appealed and the men only got sentences
Scotsboro Case
people that treveled from the Oklahoma Area to California to find jobs
Veternas that traved to Washington DC to got the bonus from serving in WWI
Bonus Army
Day that the stock market crashed
Black Tuesday
put a minimum on how much the crops cost
Agricultural Marketing Act
Shanty-Towns that the poor lived in during the Depression
"Smartest Dummy in the World" famous radio personality
Charlie McCarthy
Dust blowing around everywhere..ruined crop production...massive drought
Dust Bowl
Took pictures of Hoovervilles
Dorthea Lange
The country goes poor and millions of people are laid off
Favorite movie of American people; 4 hours long; in color
Gone With the Wind
Most famous child star during the 1930's
Shirley Temple
having your white pockets hangin out; showing you were broke
Hoover Flags
newspapers that the poor put over themselves
Hoover Blankets
Folk singer that wrote This Land is Your Land; This Land is My Land
Woody Guthrie
famous book about the Depression; later made into a movie; written by John Steinbeck
Grapes of Wrath
Was put in by Hoover to try and regain confidance in the Banking System
Reconstruction Finance Corp