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Roosevelt went on the radio weekly; very well-liked
Fireside Chats
When Roosevelt was governor of NY this was his group of professors trying to get NY out of the Depression
Brain Trust
first 100 days he was in office, Roosevelt created many of his new programs
hundred days
1st female cabinet member (Secretary of Labor)
Frances Perkins
stated that banks couldn't invest in the stock market
Glass Steagall Act
formed by Congress to insure deposits up to $5000; it is $100,000 today
Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC)
regulated the stock market
Securities and Exchange Comission (SEC)
public spending to stimulate private industry and the economy to create jobs
Pump Priming
sent funds to depleting local relief agencies- within 2 hours $5 mil was given out; also funded public work programs
Federal Emergency Relief Administration (FERA)
launched projects such as the Grand Coolee Dam on the Columbia River
Public Works Assosiation (PWA)
gave the unemployed jobs building or repairing roads, parks, airports, etc.
Civil Works Admin. (CWA)
helped farmers and created jobs; built dams
Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA)
put 2.5 unmarried men to work maintaining and restoring forests, beaches, and parks; $1 per day but got free board and job training; created a similar one for women; had to send $25 back home
Civilian Conservation Corp (CCC)
raised farm prcies, paid farmers not to raise specific crops and animals; lower production raised farm prices
Agricultural Adjustment Admin. (AAA)
ended sale of tribal lands and restored ownership of unallocated lands to Native American groups
Indian Reorganization Act
boosted declining prices, allowed trade assossiations in many industries to write codes regulating wages, working conditions, production, and prices
-set a minimum wage
-blue eagle was the symbol
National Industrial Recovery Act (NIRA)
radio priest had 30 million listeners each week
-put a 2% sales tax on items
-he attacked capitalism and bankers-blaming them for depression
-esp. blamed Jews
-started the National Union for Social Justice
Charles Coughlin
known as kingfish
-Share our wealth society
-Every man is a king
-No one would be hungry or poor
-guarantee every Am. a minimum income of $2500
Huey Long
-plan to pay $200 every month to every Am. over the age of 60 and they would have to spend the money in a few weeks
-developed a following of 5 mil.
Francis Townsend
-provided work to 8 mil. Americans
-constructed or repaired schools, hospitals, airfields, etc.
-gave writers, artists, and actors jobs
Works Progress Admin. (WPA)
-est. a system that provided old-age pensions for workers, survivors benefits for victims of industrial accidents, unemployment insurance, and aid for mothers and children, the blind and physically disabled
Social Security Act
legalized closed shops in which only union members could work
Wagner Act
banned child labor and set minimum wage
-$0.40 an hour
Fair Labor Standards Act
led by Harold Ickes; advised the pres. on issues important to Af. Am
Black Cabinet
shut down all banks in US until they could probe they were solvent; "banking holiday"; majority of banks re-opened in 3 days
Emergency Banking Act
gave pres. authority to appoint one new justice for every sittin gjustice who had reached the age of 70 and failed to retire-could apopint up to 15 judges
Court Packing
black educator-appointed to the advisory committee of National Youth Admin.
Mary Mcleod Behune
directed the complex programs of the NIRA
National Recovery Admin.
loaned more than $1 bil. to farms and set up camps for immigrant workers
Farm Security Admin. (FSA)
believed government interference was dangerous and step towards socialism
-person and property rights of individuals
-right of government enterprise w/o government interference
American Liberty League