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Resources needed to travel
Money/support from gov’t (come from monarch, expand power and prestige)
Ships and Crew
Navigational tools
-flat bottom boats for being close to England’s coast
→caravel deep hulled to hold supplies
-ballast-weight in hull,
Navigational tools
-compass, map, and time,
-relies on star charts,
-make maps- chrotogramers and astrologers
three trading empires
Dutch, Portugal and Spain
Prince Henry the Navigator-
-establish with force, wanted resources and territory for Portugal
-hard to get into Africa-malaria,
-establish themselves, then leave
Vasco de Gama
-wanted wealth and convert people
-went to India- talked to king first
-got riches then India wanted stuff back- had to give them stuff;
Dome Francisco
- all about wealth, food and cotton
-wanted to see king, but wouldn't let them, got ugly
-killed lots of people- brutal, cities destroyed
Christopher Columbus
- religious, brutal didn’t treat natives well,
Christopher Columbus' government
-tell mayor the gold you have
-found some & give to gov
-Spanish controlling gold, aside gold for church,
Cortez went to...
-Aztec Empire;
-came at right time; prophesy- natural disasters, gods were going to come back
-killed king Montezuma,
Pizarro went to...
-tricked Inca ruler, got their gold and killed him,
-Controlled central/north/south America= new Spain
Dutch Focused on ...
-education in Germany/Netherlands
-had over 10,000 ships
Dutch built on...
-spice trade
-1602-Dutch East India Trade Company
-joint stock company
Joint stock company is...
-financial needs to make expeditions
-investors gave money to build ships from shares
-would give back to investors
Joint stock company example of...
-entrepreneurial capitalism- able to take risks-
who and when did someone circumnavigate the globe
-1521 (knew world wasn’t flat)
who went around cape of good hope
-B. Diaz went around and came back
-did this so they could know where the continent ended
Columbian Exchange-
did what...
to old world
to Europe, etc.
-gave Agricultural goods, disease, sugar
-Given to old world- wheat, grapes, olives, dogs, sugar
-Given to Europe and Africa- corn tomatoes, potatoes (stable crop)
staple important crops ...
for whom...
not so good for...
-Corn and sugar
-great change in Africa and Europe
-Sugar made Native Americans work
Population Loss
what things caused it
population decline is...
-disease, encomienda, war, psych. Problems
-1 million Incas→ 100,000
-25 million Aztecs→ few 100,000
who got the disease and why?
-smallpox from Europe- less space in Europe, more contact w/people, practice killing diseases
-Cortez ship had outbreak of smallpox, lived in and spread
-Montezuma-king of Aztecs died
Encomienda system
-forced labor, Spaniards right to employ Amerindians
-mines, fields, control over just the work, died very quickly
???? Psychological reasons ???
what were they
why is that weird?
-God left them and things weren’t getting better
-killed kids and committed suicide,
-doesn’t make sense, thought one with the world and maybe some people did this
Zheng He-
did what?
rel to emperor
interacted with people
why stopped exploring?
-Explored new lands, riches, gave spices in exchange for gold and jewels
-Close to him, Chinese admiral
- presented with gift immediately, willingly presented back
-Monguls invaded China- destroyed ships, wanted to be isolated
Dutch republic
traded what
how many ships?
-trade built on spices and trading/shipping, 10,000 ships, very good at it
-established city outside of Europe (Portugal)
-Christianize Muslims
Portuguese Trading
who started
what things?
-Gama in India
-spices, ivory, gold, copper
-capital of the Aztec Empire
Cortes and Pizarro
both did what?
-used tactics where they split the Aztecs and Incas apart,
Portuguese Strongholds
where (4)
-South america
Motivations for exploration
-want to promote religion
-had money to take risks
-looking for gold, and spices to bring back
Vikings and Turks
-Turks traveled and had a lot of territory in Asia Minor and east Mediterranean;
-Vikings- Greenland, east n. America
Age of Discovery-
-advanced geo knowledge and tech
- of Mediterranean and SW asia
Age of Reconnaissance
-exploration, physical outline of earth
Age of Expansion
-migration, polititical, South/North America, Africa, India, China,
Forced work vs. slavery
Forced work- controll over only work, not owned
Slavery- controll over whole life, owned, bought and sold