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inscrutable ihn skru tE bl) adjective
L.L. inscrutabilis from in-"not" + scrutari "exmine, ransck"
difficult to fathom or understand

the event of 9/11 was inscrutable
anonymity (ae nE nI mih ti) noun
gk anonymos "without a name"
having an unknown or unacknowledged name.

the anonymous package made people very scared
goad (gohd) noun/verb
O.E. gad "shearhead" figurative use is since 16C probably from the bible
an agent or means of prodding or urging a stimules

stop goading me!
incantation (In kaen te shEn) noun
from O.F.r. incantation from incantationem.
ritual recitation of verbal charms or spells to produce a magic.

the witches incantation turned him into a frog.
concede/ concession (kEn sid) verb
from L. concedere "give way yield" from com- intensive prefix + cedere "to go grant give way
to acknowledge often reluctantly as being true just or proper

the accused conceded and was tried.
meager (mi gEr) adjective
"lean thin emaciated" (of persons or animals)
deficient in quantity, fullness or extent; scanty

baja fresh has meager meat.
erratic (ih rae tihk) adjective
from O.Fr. erratiquem from L. erraticus from erratum pp. of errare "to wander, err"
having no fixed or regular course

the erratic drifter goes from town to town.
impartial (ihm par shEl) adjective
from in Eng. 1593 from in-"not" + partial (q.v) first recorded in "Richard II"
free from bias in judgment
jury in court must be impartial.
arbitrary (ar bih tre ri) adjective
deciding by one's own discretion
determined by chance, whim, or impulse, and not by necessity, reason or principle.

many teenagers are arbitrary.
morbid (mor bihd) adjective
"of the nature of a disease indicative of a disease," from L. morbidus "diseased" from morbus " sickness disease"
characterized by preoccupation with unwholesome thoughts or feelings

the morbid puke made everyone sick