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bilingual (Bai LLng gwEl) adjective
from bi-+ lingual--"tongue," also speech language.
capable of speaking two languages almost equally well.

i can speak spanish and english, im bilingual.
biannual (bai aen yu EL) adjective
from bi+annual from L.L. annualem. corresponding to L. annalis as adjective form of annus "year"
done or occurring twice a year

If birthday's were biannual people would live to 200 years old.
glum (gluhm) adjective
from M.E. gloumen (v.) "become dark" later gloumben "look gloomy or sullen
moody and melancholy, gloomy

The glum weather fit the funeral mood
buffet (buh fiht) noun/verb
a blow or cuff with or as if with the hang
verb: to hit or beat

the owner buffet the dog
corpulent (korp yE lEnt) adjective
from O. Fr. corpulent "stout fat.
the condition of being excessively fat

corpulent people are not as healthy as others
parody (pae rE di) noun noun
from or in imitation of L. parodia "parody"
a literary or artistic work that imitates the characteristic style of another.

scary more 2 is an parody to all the scary movies.
assimilate (E sI mE let) verb
from L. assimilatus pp. of assimilare "to make like" from ad- "to" + simulate.
to consume and incorporate nutriend into the body after digestion

The dog assimilated all of his food.
truculent (truhk yE lEnt) adjective
from L. truclentus "fiercem savahe.
showing or suggestin a disposition to be violently destructive without scruple.
godzila is very truculent
scuttlebutt (skuht-l-buht) noun
scuttlebutt comes from the scuttle "a small opening + butt "a large cask"
gossip or rumor

the scuttlebutt ruined the girls relationship
profuse (pruh-FYOOS-proh) adjective
profuse comes from latin profusus past participle of profundere
pouring forth with fullness or exuberance giving or given liberally and abundatly

the profuse feast made me full for hours