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opaque (o pek)
opake, from L. opacus "shaded, shady, dark," of unknow origin
impenetrable by light; neither transparent nor translucent.

My black jack was very opaque
Apex (e pehks)
from L. apex "summit, peak, tip" probably related to apere "to fasten fix," hence the tip of anything.
to the highest point; the vertex.

Finding the apex in books is not one of my strong points.
assent/ing (E sehnt) verb/noun
from ).Fr. assentir, from L. assentare "to agree with," freq. of assentire, from ad-to+sentire to feel think.
verb: to agree
noun: agreement.

The assenting "I do" started the marriage.
Lamentation/lament (lae mehn te shEn) noun
from L lamentationem (nom. lamentatio) "wailing, moaning, weeping," from lamentatus, pp. of lamentari, from lamentum
an expression of grief or regret

I will lament my grandma's death
decorum (dih ko rEm) noun
from L neuter of decorus "fit, proper,"
frp, decor
appropriateness of behavior or conduct

My friends decorum is well accounted for.
taut/ness (tawt) adjective
tohte possibly from tog-,pp. stem of o.e. teon "to pull drag
strained; tense

the taut test kept me up all night
curt/ly (kuhrt) adjective
from L. curtus "(cut)short, shortened fom PIE base
rudely brief or abrupt, as in speech or manner

When the kid was getting yelled at he just curtly said "ok dad" and left
abate/d (E bet) transitive verb
from O.Fr. abatter "beat down"
to reduce in amount, degree, or intensity; lessen.

the bumb on his head abated.
antagonism/ly (aen tae gE nih zEm) noun
from greek antagonizesthai to oppose or rival
hostility that results in active resistance opposition or contentiousness.

the terrorist look antagonistically
daunt/ed (dawnt) verb tranisitve
from O.Fr. danter, var. of donter, from L. domitare, freq. of domare "to tame"
to deprive of courage or the power to act as a result of fear, anxiety or disgust.

the new kid at school was daunted by the jocks