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how many lobes of glandular tissue comprise the breast?
what part of the lobes in the breast is secretory?
which glands in the breast enlarge in early pregnancy?
what is the lymphatic drainage of the breast?
75% to axillary lymph nodes, also through the thoracic wall to parasternal and mediastinal nodes
which hormones have the greatest effect on the breast?
gonadotropins, oestrogen, progesterone
what is the most common cause of breast lumps in young women?
benign fibroadenoma
which cells of the breast does breast cancer usually arise from?
ductal cells
what is metaplasia?
when a normal cell for that site changes into another normal morphology not normally seen at that site
what is dysplasia?
loss in uniformity of the individual cells as well as a loss in their architectural orientation
t/f... dysplastic changes are irreversible