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Discuss the Support Equipment (SE) Training License Program.
The program establishes policy, responsibilities, and requirement for SE training and licensing.
State the purpose of the routing sequence of and which person initiates the SE misuse/abuse report.
To inform the IMRL with the reporting responsibilities about misuse/abuse, then to inform the CO of the cmd which held responsiblity of the item. Mainly to ensure cmd accountability for the offense.
Demonstrate the hand signal for fire.
Large sleeping eight with one hand and pointing at the fire with the other.
Demonstrate the hand signal for hot brakes.
Rapid fanning motion with one hand in front of face, and point to wheel with other hand.
Demonstrate an emergency stop.
Arms crossed above the head with hands made into fists.
Demonstrate brakes on/off.
Brakes off, arms above head wit open palms and fingers raised with palms toward aircraft. Brakes on, same thing but hands are closed into fists.
Demonstrate remove chocks.
Arms down, fists closed, thumbs extended outwards, swing arms out.
Safety precautions of an engine.
There shall be a safey /observer,fire bottle watch to ensure nobody comes near the engines and to inform the person turning the engine of any smoke or fires.
Auxilliary Power Unit safety precautions.
Safety observer will man the fire bottle to ensure no fires start to ensure no one goes near the APU exhaust.