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Painful menstruation
What are the primary causes of dysmenorrhea
cervical stenosis (tightneing of cervical opening), and uterine displacement
What are the secondary causes of dysmenorrhea
PID/adhesions, endocrine disorders, fibroids/endometriosis
What are the S/S of dysmenorrhea
cramp-like lower abdominal pain, fatigue, chills, H/A, N/V, depression, diarrhea
What is the nursing care or management for dysmenorrhea
exercise, sleep, heat, diet-low Na, increase Ca/K, mild analgesia, reassurance
absence of menses
infrequent menses (normal occurrence in 1st year after menarche or last year)
What are the normal causes for ammenorrhea
before puberty, pregnancy, after menopause, during lactation, bilateral oophorectomy
What are the abnormal causes for ammenorrhea
atresia-lack of organ, endocrine imbalance, tumors, emotional trauma/stress, athletic training
excessive menstrual flow occurring at time of menses
What are some indications that a pt. has menorrhagia
Flow- more than a pad 1-2hrs
Cycle- more often than every 21 days
Menses- lasting longer than 7days
What are the causes of menorrhagia
-endocrine imbalances (thyroid)
-infection (PID)
-tumors- benign fibroids or endometrial cancer
What are ways to manage menorrhagia
keep tampon ct., Doc, no ASA, OCP
bleeding between regular menses
What are some of the causes of metrorrhagia
threatened abortion, bleeding associated w/ovulation, cervical/uterine polyps
What is the management of metrorrhagia
See doctor
heavy, erratic flow
Premenstrual syndrome (PMS)
cluster of physical and psychological S&S occurring the week prior to menses
What are the S/S of PMS
weight gain, edema, abdominal bloating, H/A, migrains, clumsiness, irritable, aggressive, fatigue, depression, crying spells, insomnia, binge eating, body aches
What are some ways to manage PMS
decease Na, increase complex CHO, increase vit B6&C, magnesium, K, and calcium, small meals, avoid caffeine, nicotine, alcohol, red meat, simple sugars, stress management, exercise
What are some pharmacological management of PMS
OCP's, andtidepressants during 2 weeks before menses
Normal physiological process that indicates cessation of menstrual cycle and of reproductive ability