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state of complete physical, mental, and social well being
disorder of mind or body affecting whole or part of body and doesn't carry out required function
What are some examples of ways to promote healthy living
Maintain normal weight, exercise, sleep 7-8hr night, no smoking, limit sun
What is primary prevention
generalized health promotion activites that promote health or delay occurrence of disease
What are some examples of primary prevention
clean air & water, sex counseling, seat belts/bike helmets, diet/exercise, immunizations
Secondary prevention
emphasizes early detection, diagnosis and treatment of disease
What are some examples of secondary prevention
Breast/testical self exam, TB test, Blood test, cholesterol screening
Tertiary Prevention
focuses on stopping disease process & return person to useful place in society
What are examples of tertiary prevention
Traditional medical Rx, Rehabilitaion
Holistic approach
looks at the whole person, including family/support system
What are the things to consider in Total patient care
-Holistic approach
-All human needs
-Coordinates services
-Includes patient/resident/client
What are some things to consider when taking care of a pt. from another culture
Use of space, touch, and eye contact
What are the major causes of death w/young adults
vehicle accidents, suicide, homicide
What are the major health issues with middle-aged adults
cardiovascular disease, cancer, pulmonary disease, diabetes, obesity, alcohol abuse, stress, lack of time for health activites, increase weight
What are some ways for young adults to promote optimum health
emphasize primary/secondary health activities, physical exams, immunizations
What are ways to promote optimum health w/middle aged adults
regular health assessment, screenings, smoking cessation, derease alcohol, and low fat diet
a response to disease
Acute illness/disease
rapid onset, ends in full recovery
Chronic illness/disease
slow onset and long duration, non-reversible pathologic alterations, permenent impairment, longterm rehab or nursing care
discovering cause of disease
Sign (objective symptom)
observable change
Symptom (subjective symptom)
sensation reported by patient
Specific treatment
cures disease
Symptomatic treatment
relieves S&S
Supportive treatment
improves body's ability to fight disease
modalities to prevent disease
# people with specific disease
# of people dying from specific disease
Frequency of disease
What is the body's first line of defense
Intact skin, mucous membrane
For example: Secretion/Cilia
Inflammatory Process
local response to tissue unjury regardless of cause most important defense mechanism
What is the purpose of inflammation
destroy/remove agent, Keep injury localized, repair damage, healing process
What are the steps in the inflammation process
cellular response, increased membrane permeability, reduced local circulation, body responds, inflammation exudates, healing occurs
What happends in the CELLULAR RESPONSE step in the inflammatory process
chemicals are released and causes vasodilation
** histamines**
What happens in t he INCREASED MEMBRANE PERMEABILITY step of the inflammatory process
Swelling (edema) and limitation of movement
What happens in the REDUCED LOCAL CIRCULATION step of the inflammatory process
-Vascular response that causes redness and warmth
-Chemical released prostaglandins that causes pain
What happens in the BODY RESPONDS step of the inflammatory process
- WBC arrive Leukocytosis
** neutrophils and Monocytes
What happens in the INFLAMMATION EXUDATES step of the inflammatory process
accumulate of fluid
What happens in the HEALING step of the inflammatory process
Inflammation subsides and new tissue forms
-regeneration- relace like cells
-Granulation & scar formation