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Describe the basic requirements for Respirator Protection Program.
a program which identifies employees requiring respirator protection equipment due to the nature of their work or job
describe the basic requirements of the Hearing Conservation Program
a program which survays/identifies potentially hazards noise levels and personnel at risk. Program goal is to prevent hearing loss and ensure auditory fitness for duty.
describe the basic requirements for the Sight Conservation Program
a program which surveys all activity work areas equipment and processes to determine which are eye hazards, which are personnel require require eyeprotection and what protection is required
describe the basic requirements for the Personnel Protection Program
A program which assess all work areas to determine if hazards are present that necessitate the use of personnel protective equipment
identify the F/A-18 danger areas
-flammable liquids
-canopy, seat, explosive devices
-airframe/external stores
-radar antenna
-arresting hook
-all moving flight control surfaces
identify theminimum safe distances from turning aircraft intakes/exhaust at the following power settings:
-9' radius/115-155' exhaust
-25' radius/325-725' exhaust
-25' radius/850-925' exaaust
state the purpose and identify the location of the aircraft NO STEPT/STEPT areas
areas to avoid are yout leading edge flaps, trailing edge flaps, horizontal stabilizers, allerons and radom surfaces areas. that are designated as walkways will have non-skid on the surface also the wings thmselves are considered walkways.
stat the general safety precautions associated with applying and removing external power
circuit breakers/switches must be position as specified in the required mims. to prevent shock/damage to aircraft inspection power cable assembly plugs for pin internal corrosion/damage or missing insulator washer/sleeves
identify the personnel danger area during APU operations
at the most center point of the apu exhaust it's exhaust velocity reaches 142 mph from ehaust to the deck with a temperature of 328-350 degrees fahrenheit
stat the precautions/restrictions that apply to performing maintenance on ordnance loaded aircraft
major maintenance on aircrft is prohibited. maintenance requiring electrical power to the arm relay is prhibited. minor maintenance and routine servicing necessary to ready the aircraft for the next launch may be conducted after for the next launch may be conducted after all weapons have been safeties to the maximum degree as specified in loading check list
identify the precautions that must be observed when handling graphite or carbon/epoxy composite materials.
wear respirators/goggles when exposed to these materials and in addition wear close weave cotton gloves when handling these materials