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abojo, adv.

1. boca aboca/arriba, f.
2. calle abajo/arriba, f.
down/below, adv.

1. face down/up
2. down/up the street, ph.
el/la abogado, s.

1. la abogacia, s.
lawyer, n. attorney, n

1. law, n.
aborrecer, v.

1. el aborrecimiento, s.
2. aborrecido/a, adj.
to hate/detest v.
to abhor, v.

1. hate/hatred, n.
2. hated/abhorred

1. el abrazo, s.
2. abrazado/a, adj.
to embrace/hug, v.

1. embrace/hug, n.
2. hugged/embraced, adj.
el abrigo, s.

1. abrigar, v.
2. abrigado/a, adj.
overcoat, n.
shelter n.

1. to shelter, v. to protect, v.
2. sheltered/protected, adj.