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10-Q report
A quaterly equivalent of the 10-K report.
12b-1 fee
A fee authorized by federal legislation permitting a mutual fund's management to use some of the fund's assets to pay for advertising and for the cost of distributing materials to the accountholders.
Academic Search Premier
Database index of articles of interest to investors that have appeared in both academic and trade journals.
accrued interest
Interest that has been earned on a security but has not yet been paid by the security issuer. Generally, one day's interest accrues for each day a debt security exists; between interest payment dates, the buyer of a bond must pay accrued interest to the seller of the bond.
active management
A policy in which the composition of the portfolio is dynamic; the portfolio manager frequently changes portfolio components.
active strategy
Any strategy using active management; one in which the investment manager seeks to improve the rate of return of the portfolio by anticipating events in the marketplace.
adjustable rate mortgage
A loan with real estate as collateral in which the interest rate periodically changes as some benchmark interest changes.
advance/decline line
A graphical representation of the net advances over a period of time; advances count as pluses, declines are minuses, and unchanged securities count as zeros.
The market model intersept that theoretically should equal zero. A positive alpha indicates performance better than expected for the given level of risk, and vice versa.
American Depository Receipt (ADR)
A marketable document (a receipt) certifying that a financial institution holds shares of stock to back the receipt.
American option
An option that can be exercised anytime prior to expiration.
The tendency to incorporate often immaterial information in the decision-making process.
annual report
A report required of every publicly traded company, containing a statement from corporate management about results from the previous year and about prospects for the future. It also includes financial statements and information about most of the firm's principal activities.
The payment of a fixed amount on a regular periodic schedule for a finie length of time.
An observed result that defies explanation within the known theoretical framework.