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Standards 1
Models, theories, and philosophies
Standards 2
Development and Characteristics of Learners

Typical and atypical human growth and development

Effects of various medications on individuals
Standards 3
Individual Learning Differences

standers of learning

Cultural perspectives
Standards 4
Instructional Strategies

use self-assessment, problem solving, and other cognitive strategies to meet their needs.
Standards 5
Learning Environments and Social Interactions

Basic classroom management

Social interactions
Standards 6

Effects of cultural and linguistic

Communication skills for diverse learners
Standards 7
Instructional Planning

Theories and research that form the basis of curriculum development and instructional practice.
Standards 8

Basic terminology used in assessment.

accommodations and modifications.
Standards 9
Professional and Ethical Practice

Personal cultural biases and differences that affect one’s teaching.
Standards 10

Models and strategies of consultation and collaboration.