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4 Bones that make up the Bony Pelvis:
-Sacrum (S1-S5)
-2 Innominate bones - (ox coxal or hip bone)
3 components of the hip bone:
-Pubic bone
What are 3 important structures on the hip bone?
1. Acetabulum
2. Lesser sciatic notch
3. Greater sciatic notch
What articulates with the acetabulum?
Head of femur
What makes up the acetabulum?
ALL THREE hip bone components:
-Pubic bone
Lesser Sciatic Notch is the concavity between:
Ischial Spine
Ischial Tuberosity
Greater Sciatic notch is located
Superior to Ischial spine
-Formed b the ilium in part
2 Important spaces created by the bony pelvis:
-True pelvis (lesser)
-False pelvis (greater)
Boundaries of True pelvis:
-Below iliopectineal line
-Between pelvic inlet and outlet
Function of True Pelvis:
Contains and protects parts of the GI, GU, and reproductive structures
Contents of True Pelvis:
-Uterus/Fallopian tubes (Female)
-Prostate (male)
Boundaries of False Pelvis:
Above pectineal line
Posterior: Spinal cord
Anterior: abdominal walls
Contents of False Pelvis:
Abdominal viscera - of little importance
Sacrum consists of:
5 fused vertebrae S1-S5
Parts of Sacrum that Articulate:
-with what?
-With iliac crests
Important feature of Sacrum:
Promontory - creates posterior wall of pelvis
5 important Pelvic ligaments:
1. Anterior longitudinal
2. Iliolumbar
3. Posterior sacroiliac
4. Sacrospinous
5. Sacrotuberous
What forms the GSF/LSF?
-Sacrospinous Lig (separates them)
-Sacrotuberous Lig (inferior)
Functions of Sacrospinous and Sacrotuberous ligaments:
-Prevent excess superior /posterior rotation of inferior aspect of sacrum
-Support weight of vertebral column.
Bony components of Obturator Foramen:
-Pubic ramus
-Ischial ramus
3 things pass thru the Obturator Canal:
-Obturator nerve
-Obturator Artery
-Obturator Vein
What is the obturator canal?
A small hole in the membrane over the obturator foramen.
Plane of Pelvic Inlet runs between what 2 points?
-Tip of Sacral Promontory
-Superior edge of Pubic Symphysis
Linea terminalis runs along what 3 points?
1. Sacral promontory
2. Arcuate line (iliac)
3. Pectineal line
Plane of Pelvic Outlet runs between what two points?
1. Sacrum S5
2. Inferior edge of Pubic Symphysis
Dimensions of avg female pelvic outlet:
Transv: ~11 cm
Ant/post: ~9.5-11.5 cm
What is the Conjugate diameter?
another name for the plane of the pelvic inlet
Avg length of the conjugate diameter:
~11 cm
What is the Pelvic Axis?
A line in the MEDIAN PLANE - ALWAYS at the center piont of the pelvic cavity - this means it ANGLES around pubic symphysis.
Pubic Arch:
-Males = < 90 degrees
-Females = > 90 degrees
If cement poured into pelvis, how would it flow in the
Male = convergant

Female = Divergant
What is the preferred type of pelvis for delivery?
2 Spaces created by the Pelvic Diaphragm:
1. Intra-pelvic (visceral)
2. Ischiorectal
Where is the intrapelvic space?
Superior to pelvic diaphragm
Where is the ischiorectal fossa?
-Inferior to pelvic diaphragm
-Posterior to UG diaphragm
What muscles make up the Pelvic Diaphragm?
-Levator Ani
3 components of Levator Ani:
1. Puborectalis
2. Pubococcygeus
3. Iliococcygeus
What is the importance of Puborectalis?
-Forms a sling
-Maintains fecal continence
What is Levator Ani innervated by?
-Perineal branches of S3-S4
-Inferior rectal nerve
What is the Coccygeus muscle innervated by?
What is the IMPORTANT FUNCTION of levator ani?
What muscle is adjacent to the pelvic diaphragm?