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What does Dr. Wong like to call precision farming?
Site specific crop management
Precision farming is _______ _______ _____ _____ ____.
Precision farming is the use of Technology for site management
________ has to do with a change in Distance and Depth
Spatial Variability
_________ has to do with a change in time
Temporal Variability
what are the 4 promises of precision farming?
Economics, Efficiency, production, and environment
What are the three Satellite Positioning systems?
GPS (United States)
Glonass (Russia)
EGNOS (European) - GALILEO
Who developed GPS?
Ivan Getting, Bradford Parkinson
With regard to the timeline for the development of GPS, what happened in:

-1960’s - Feasibility studies begin
-1969—Defense Navigation Satellite System
(DNSS) formed
-1973 - Pentagon approp g pp p g riates funding
-NAVSTAR Global Positioning System
-1978—first 4 satellites launched
-System declared fully operational in April,
How many satellites are part of the GPS system?
24 satellites
How many orbital planes are part of the GPS system?
6 orbital planes
GPS satelite orbit is Inclined _____* with respect to the equator
GPS orbits are separated by _____*
How high above earth are the orbiting GPS satellites?
20,200 km elevation above earth
What is the Orbital period of a GPS satellite?
11 hr. 55 min.
_____ to _______ satellites visible from any point on Earth
five to eight
How many atomic clocks do the Fourth Generation Satellites contain?
4 each
How many and what is the material of the batteries on each GPS vehicle?
three nickel-cadmium batteries
how many solar panels are on each GPS vehicle?
2 solar panels
What is used to control the GPS satellite?
S band antenna
What is used to communicate with the GPS satellite?
12 element L band antenna
GPS signal is picked up at _________
T (time) + 3
The distance between satellite and receiver = __________ times the speed of light
3 times the speed of light
What is the preferred element used for the atomic clock? What does it measure?
Cesium Cs-133, Oscillation Frequency
What are some sources of GPS signal interference?
atmosphere, power lines, buildings, Lamborghini's?
What are the 5 GPS sources of error?
1. Satellite Clocks
2. Satellite Orbits
3. Earth’s Atmosphere
4. Multipath Errors
5. GPS Error
Base stations are used to correct GPS satellites by means of __________
Differential Correction (DGPS)
This is used to provide differential GPS correction to a local area
User supplied Base station
This system was put in place to allow airplanes to use GPS more effectively.
Wide Area Augmentation System (WAAS)
What are the two privately held satellite based augmentation systems
Navcom (John Deere), OmniSTAR
What was used to monitor position in agriculture before GPS?
Disk marker (early 1980s)
Foam markers (late 1980s)
What are the three levels of automation?
Navigation aids,
Auto-guidance (auto-steer),
Field Robots
This is used to eliminate compaction in 70% of the field
Controlled Traffic
with control traffic farming less than ______% of the land is driven over
CTF has a promise of ____% yield increase.
_____________ is the use of sensors mounted on a combine measuring yield as the crop is harvested.
yield monitoring
Yield monitoring provides immediate feedback of what three useful data?
pest pressures
______ is used in order to stop monitoring yield when the header is raised
header position switch
________ is the system time adjustment in yield monitoring systems for the seed to pass through the detection system
operation delay
cotton yield is monitored with a ______ sensor
This handheld device prints out receipts to track and monitor yield of fruits and vegetables
T3 pocket tracker
What are three benefits of soil sampling?
1) Evaluate soil properties (ie. hard pan, moisture, and the profile of the soil.)
2)Maximize yields
3) Determine fertility requirements for crops to minimize inputs
for soil sampling the smaller/larger your grid size the more accurate your results are.
______ is an agriculture implement that is used to measure electrical conductivity which is a way to measure soil texture.
Veris Cart
_______ is an automatic core sampler implement