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the color of one mineral is one way to identify it, but not usually.minerals can have different colors
is how easily a mineral can be strached. This is different from mineral breaking
Mohs Scale
invented by Fredric Mohs in 1824 from 1-10 1-softest 10-hardest
is the way mineral reflects light. Metallic- is when the mineral appears shiny like a metal
Nonmetalic- when it does not appear like a metal at all. glassy, pearly, dull, silky
specific gravity
is a ratio of its weight compared with the weight of an equal volume simular to the density
is a powder residue left behind when a mineral is rubbed on an unglazed tile this works for minerals with a hardness of less then 6.5
cleavage and fracture
when a mineral breaks along ruff of jagged surfaces
Special properties
some minerals have special properties lik magnesium has the ability to glow