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what did Socrates and plato think abt death?
they both thought that twhen they died their mind would somehow continue on.They thought their minds would be freed from their bodily prison
Did Plato and Socrates consider knowledge innate?
they thought some knowledge was innate
what did Aristotle think abt knowledge?
Aristotle gained his knowledge from careful observations. In his opinion, our mind is a tabula rasa or a blank slate
Would Rene Descartes have agreed with Aristotle or Socrates about knowledge being innate/learned thru experience
Rene Descartes would have agreed with Socrates. He would have said yes knowledge is innate and the mind is distinct from the body.
who was Franis Bacon?
he was the founder of modern science. He based his research on more practical judgments, such as, experience
John Locke in his essay Concerning Human Understanding said what about our mind at birth
He said that the mind was a blank slate at birth that experience writes upon
what two things are associated with empiricism
1)knowledge comes from experience
2)science flourishes thru OBSERVATION and experimentation
who started the first psychological lab with his students?
Wilhelm Wundt
what is intropection?
that is when a person self reflects
Who introduced structuralism?
Edward Bradford Titchener
What does introspection have to do with structuralism?
Structuralism was an early school of psychology that used introspection to explore the elemental structure of the mind.
Instead of sudying the mind by examining its individual parts this man tried to figure out why things were the way they are. Who am I talking about
William James
William James was a functionalist influenced by Darwin's idea of natural selection. How is this influence shown in functionalism?
Functionalism focuses on how mental and behavioral processes function. It studies what it is that makes the mind adapt, survive and flourish
Who was the first woman to earn the right to a Harvard degree but refused it?
Maryk Calkins was tutored alone by William James since all the other students dropped his class in 1890 when she tried to join.
What is significant abt Calkins besides her right to a Harvard degree (which was denied to her)
Mary Calkins was the first female president of the APA in 1905
Who wrote the Animal Mind and became president in 1921. For what other reasons is she important?
Margaret Floy Washburn wrote the Animal mind and became the 2nd APA vice pres in 1921. Her theseis was the first foreign study in Wundt's journal.
What kept Margaret Floy Washburn from becoming a part of the organzation of experimental psychologists
Although the organization of experimental psychologists was founded by Washburns own graduate adviser, Titchener, she was unable to join becuz of her gender.
how did psychology change after the 1920s?
Introspection was dismissed and psychology was redefined as the science of observable behavior.
what is psychology
it is the study of mental and behavior processes
what is the nature-nurture issue
it is the controversy over the relative contributions that genes (nature/Descarte)and experience(John Locke) make to the development of psychological traits and behavior.
How did Darwin's origin of Species spport the idea that ideas are innate?
It supported that ideas are innate and it explained the diversity of life
What vocab word describes the following:the most useful trait for survival will be passed on to succeeding generations
natural selection
what are the 5 perspectives of psychology?
think of a BB-pen
2)behavior genetics

wat is the behavioral perspective of psychology?
Behavioral is how we learn observable responses. i.e. someone may study facial expressions
How is behavior genetics different from the behavioral part of psychology?
Behavioral has to do w/wat we learn while behavior genetics is how much our genes and environment influence our individual differences. i.e. how heredity and experience influence personality
This perspective pertains to how our behavior springs from unconcscious drives and conflicts
This perspective would be psychodynamic. i.e. outburst may be unconscious hostility
What princple of psychology reminds you of Darwin and why
The evolutionary principle of psyhcology reminds me of Darwin since somme of our current genes might facilitated the survival of our ancestors
what type of research aims to increase the knowledge base of science?
Basic research is pure science that is based on experiments to increase our knowledge base
What type research would most ppl find applicable to their everyday lives?
Applied research pertains more to everyday ppl since it is a scientific study that aims to solve practical problems (science applied to life). i.e. tests in the workplace
what branch of psychology studies, asseses and treats ppl with psychological disorders?
clinical psychology
how is psychiatry different from clinical psychcology
While psychology focuses solely on treating the person Psychiatry combines both medical treatment with psychological therapy.
Who wrote the principles of psychology and why was it significant
William James wrote the Principles of psychology. It was the first text describing psychology.
who created the first lab for psychology and created psychology itself as a result
Wilhelm Wundt
edward titchener was primarily concerned with the study of
sensory experiences
ivan pavlor pioneered the study of