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Joshua 1  
Joshua replaces Moses, and takes up command.  
A shark tamping down the dirt over the fresh grave up Moses, with a tree trunk, and then stepping up to take command!  
Joshua 2  
Joshua spies out Canaan the second time. Rehab.  
Some sharks trying to sneak into a city to spy it out. The end up hiding in Rehab’s house, where they tell her to hang a scarlet shoe out the window to identify her house when they return to destroy the city.  
Joshua 3  
Crossing of the Jordan  
A vast array of sharks can be seen crossing the Jordan upright, holding stools in the mouths above water, piled with all their possessions.  
Joshua 5  
Circumcision, Passover, manna ends.  
A shark picking putting on a pair of work gloves, because he is going to have to start farming again.  
Joshua 6  
A huge crowd of sharks walking around a city, and firing off their revolvers all together.  
Joshua 7  
Defeat at Ai caused by Achan.  
A sly shark, with a large dice used for gambling, buried under his tent.  
Joshua 8  
Victory over Ai  
Sharks creeping through the under growth around a city. They are sneaking up like spiders on the city, to ambush it.  
Joshua 9  
Deceived by the Gibeonites  
A shark behind deceived by a very sly cat, who looks like he has traveled a great distance.  
Joshua 10  
Victory over Amorites. Stones fell from heaven, and the sun stood still.  
Sharks devouring their adversaries, while stones are falling from heaven upon the enemy.  
Joshua 11  
Summary of all the territory conquered and unconquered in Canaan.  
Two goal posts, spanning the whole territory of Canaan. They have the flags of Israel on them. All in between, there is a sea of dead people, and cities.  
Joshua 13  
Boundaries and Settlements.  
A witch using her broom to mark the boundaries of the various tribes of sharks.  
Joshua 22  
Building of the alter of reminder, which was misunderstood by Israel  
A crowd of sharks standing a great rifle up on end, and fixing it there as a monument. The rest of the tribe thinks they are preparing for war.  
Joshua 24  
Renewal of the Covenant, Joshua and Eleazar Die  
Two sharks, one a general, and one a priest, are dressed in wedding garments, and buried.